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【From】:United States of America
【Now in】:United States of America
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【Preferred Job Type】:Children's Institutes/ Kindergartens,Elementary & Secondary Public Schools,Middle/High School Institutes,Universities & Private Schools,Adult Conversation/Grammar/BusinessEnglish
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*cover letter in linked folder* at bottom Personal Information Name: Nakeeta (Niki) Dragon Sex: Female Age: 24, 06/13/1994 Nationality: United States of America/American, also I am Black, which shouldn’t be a determining factor in a hiring process however it apparently is. I am looking for an unbiased employer who hires based on merit. Visa: E2 Sponsorship (needed) Current Location: Outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Education: Temple University, BA in Asian Studies (2012-2017), 3.41 GPA - Yonsei Study Abroad, (2015-2016, Full Year) - Accepted into Yonsei (English Literature) & Korea University Master’s degree program for Fall 2018; however, due to temporary financial difficulties, I had to decline for now. Teaching Experience: I don’t have traditional teaching experiencing per say, however, I have: - Camp Counselor/Specials teacher 7+ years (pre-k to 6th) - Elementary & Middle School Assistant Dance Teacher/Choreography 3+ years - Bible School & Youth Group Leader/Teacher 4+(elementary to HS) - In 2015, I spoke at the 10th Annual Greater Philadelphia Asian Studies Consortium (GPASC) Undergraduate Research Conference at Villanova University Teaching Certificate: No, however, I have TEFL 160 hrs Certification Contact Information Email: nakeetadragon@gmail.com Cell: +1-267-772-4699 Skype- live:nakeetadragon, 12 pm KST - 5 pm KST, however, I can accommodate other times by appointment. Start Date Availability Preferred Start: August/End of August, however, open to ASAP if higher pay and/or relocation allowance (for my first month), or higher housing allowance. Preferred Age Group: Kindergarten/Elementary however relatively open to older students. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vfmdNY2GbesBnLG62CKJip44k8lbMjc0?usp=sharing

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