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【Preferred Job Type】:Middle/High School Institutes,Elementary & Secondary Public Schools,Universities & Private Schools,Exam Prep,Adult Conversation/Grammar/BusinessEnglish,Online/Phone Teaching,Private Tutoring,Translations & Interpretation,Modeling / Broadcasting / Voice Acting,Accounting/Banking/Finance,Sales/Advertising/Marketing/PR,General Mgmt, Admin & HR,Government and NGOs
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Contrary to American culture, Korea and stresses the importance of foreign language education as an integral component in this era of increasing globalization, which fortunately in my case, has driven demand for my skills as an English teacher. My work as an English teacher and study of the Korean language, has given me great insight into how to refine what native Korean speakers truly mean when writing in English. English editing was my primary duty during my volunteer work in Seoul for the NGO PSCORE (People for Successful COrean REunification) where my other responsibilities included tutoring English to North Korean refugees and writing English press releases for the international press (see the provided writing sample). My European experience includes an internship at the European Union Parliament in Brussels during the fall semester of my senior academic year. My responsibilities included assisting MEP Mariela Baeva (a representative of Bulgaria) and her staff in their communication efforts with other delegations and the international press by writing press releases, memos and legislative reports. As a political science and history double major at Furman University, my desire to participate first hand in the political process resulted in an internship in Washington, D.C. where it was my privilege to assist U.S. Representative Robert Aderholt. This time in Washington D.C. gave me valuable insight into the formation and governance of international trade policy.

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